Mikrophonie (2014)

Spatialized concert music for ensemble, microphones, headsets and speakers

Premiered 21st of November 2013, Tolouse.

Mikrophonie turns its attention to the inside of musical instruments. A sonic microscope is created, performed, mixed and diffused in real time through the use of extreme close-miking of the ensemble and wireless headsets for the audience. The piece challenges conceptions of instrumental, electro-acoustic and social space, setting all these components into play through a the manipulation of real and virtual sonic rooms.

Mikrophonie is developed by Lemur and Benjamin Maumus, one of Europe’s most experienced sound engineers and spatialization experts.

The project was developed in workshops in Norway and France, supported by GMEA, BEK and WRAP. The premiere performance was given at Journées Electriques in Albi, march 2014. Later performances includes Tolouse (Novelum 2014), Oslo (Notam, 2014) and Bergen (Lydgalleriet, 2014). Mikrophonie was recorded and will be released on +3DB records in november 2016.


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