Critical Bands (2018)

A requiem for the CD-medium

To be released on +3DB records fall 2018

The composition, recording and release of Critical Bands is an extension of the site-specific work Critical Band from 2012. Particular for this work is its iterative form; it is re-composed for each performance, tailored to the venue through acoustic analysis and adaption to the space in question. Since its premiere in The Nidaros Dome in Trondheim in 2012 new versions have been realized in Oslo, Bergen, Copenhagen and Reykjavik.

Where Critical Band is essentially site-specific and singular, escaping the idea of CD-production, Critical Bands(!) celebrates the ability of the CD-medium to incorporate different acoustic spaces in one and the same object. Recording takes places in five different cities, with a diverse group of ensembles and spaces. The result is a new work incorporating both previous and newly developed material.

Participants in the Critical Bands project are:
Lemur (NO), Caput (IS), Microtub (NO/DE), Lotte Anker/Torben Snekkestad/Anna Klett/Liza Fox (D), Tanja Orning/Morten Barrikmo/Eivind Lønning/Marianne Baudouin Lie/Trondheim Kontrabassorkester/Kari Rønnekleiv/Ole Henrik Moe (NO).

Wokshop venues are:
Nidaros Dome Church (NO), Harpa (IS), Literaturhaus (D), Sofienberg Church (NO), Notam (NO), Athetic Sound (NO).

Critical Bands is supported by Norwegian Arts Council, Nordisk Kulturfond & Menntamálaráðuneytið

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