For Harald Solberg (2019)

A modular composition for 14 musicians and three adjacent gallery rooms.


Between 2011 and 2018 LEMUR curated the concert series PB1898 at Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall in Arendal. For the final concert Bomuldsfabriken commissioned a new work to be performed with an ensemble of musicians that have performed in the series. The result was For Harald Solberg, a modular work for 14 musicians and three adjacent gallery spaces. Moving between three different stations, both audience and musicians engage under different conditions. The title of the work is an homage to Bomuldsfabriken’s artistic director, but also points to Morten Feldman’s pieces from the 1970s and -80s, where textile arts are frequently referenced. The link to Bomuldsfabrikens history is thus an important connection (Bomuldsfabriken literally translates to the Cotton Factory).


For Harald Solberg is performed by:
Bjørnar Habbestad, flute
Espen Reinertsen, tenor sax
Morten Barrikmo, bass clarinet / contrabass clarinet
Eivind Lønning, trumpet
Hild Sofie Tafjord, horn
Martin Taxt, tuba
Kari Rønnekleiv, violin
Ole Henrik Moe, violin/viola
Tanja Orning, cello
Lene Grenager, cello
Michael Duch, double bass
Jennifer Torrence, percussion
Ane Marte Sørlien Hoen, percussion



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